Pittsburgh Interventionist

Pittsburgh Interventionist


The main attributes of addiction are written in novelizations and seen in Hollywood movies as catastrophic tales of loss of control, and with good reason. The human brain, incredible instrument of reasoning that it may be, has a number of vulnerabilities, one of which is addiction to substances. Alcohol and drug abuse actually alters brain chemistry creating a desperate need for another hit of a chemical that was never meant for continual use. In fact, the use of the substance is likely to increase as the structure of the brain adapts to the chemical abuse. A loved one will literally spend more cash and steal whatever is in their reach to feed the habit, maintaining the euphoric high.

Don’t take an inactive stance in the tragic plight of a loved one. Don’t sit back in helpless impotence when there are options to stop the abusive behavior. Employ the aid of an interventionist and take a stand. Become empowered thanks to a planned strategy that will change the thinking of the addicted family member, sending him or her toward a treatment solution where lasting recovery awaits.

Host the Intervention with an Organized Family Presence

Meeting the widespread usage of alcohol, drugs, and other addictions with any amount of momentum is a challenging mission. In Pittsburgh close to 300,000 people ages 12 and older try some form of illicit drug in any given year (www.samhsa.gov), and these facts are just plain intimidating. Keep these figures in mind by all means but always remember that the bonds of family are powerful, an anchoring force for a loved one who has gone astray. With the help of a Pittsburgh Interventionist, the parents, peers, and siblings that form the basis of a healthy family structure can face the addicted personality of the tragically hooked relative and use calm, reasoned pleas to effect change, defeating denial and get their loved one to seek treatment


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