Philadelphia Interventionist

Philadelphia Interventionist


The most important detail when it comes to a substance abuse or mental health intervention finding the right Interventionist is key. For those families searching for help in the Philadelphia area, there is a Philadelphia Interventionist that is right for your family.

Philadelphia, like many major cities, has more than its fair share of residents living with a substance abuse disorder or a mental health disorder. In many of these cases the individual is left untreated and without help. With a variety of options for treating the mentally ill and addicted no one should be left untreated. In a recent study that evaluated the Philadelphia area, it was estimated that 16.6 percent of the adult population (aged 12 or over) has used an illicit drug in the past year. Compare this number with the Pennsylvania state average (13.6 percent) and the national average (14.7 percent) and you can see that the city has a brewing drug problem. {}

When evaluating rates of longer-term substance addiction and mental illness, Philadelphia has rates much higher in both categories than either the state or national statistics. The unfortunate part of this statistic is how few people are receiving any type of treatment. While no one statistic points to a direct number of how many people are getting help for their addiction or mental illness, the numbers in all studies conducted have shown a surprisingly low percentage.

Because finding help can be a daunting task for a person living with addiction or mental illness seeking treatment often gets pushed back time and time again. For those individuals who still have the support of their family they often have family members who are desperate to find them lasting and real change. Fortunately, the city of Philadelphia has a plethora of treatment options and Interventionists who are trained to help almost any addiction or diagnosis. The options range from inpatient facilities with round the clock care to mental health professionals that can work one-on-one with a client or family to work on specific issues.

No one should have to live with an untreated addiction or mental illness. Some people will go their whole life thinking there is no hope. It is unfortunate that many families do not realize how many treatment options are available. So, no matter what the addiction or diagnosis, there is a Philadelphia Interventionist that can help turn your family and your loved one around.


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