Erie Interventionist

Erie Interventionist

There are many intervention models, methods of confronting a loved one in such a way that recovery is accepted and embraced. Unfortunately, implementing models requires training and hard earned expertise. The practical application of an intervention is a serious and complex matter that a loving family, no matter how well meaning and dedicated,may have trouble hosting with any amount of lasting success. Even if the troubled relative agrees to treatment, it’s quite possible the agreement is only being thrown forward as a diversionary tactic, and there’s no true intent to complete the process. An interventionist is needed to apply the intervention model with authority, to assign tasks to family members, research missions, and organizational assignments that will maximize the successful outcome of the intervention.

Hosting the Meeting with an Interventionist

A confrontation with an addicted loved one might stall at any moment with a rise of emotions and accusations. The interventionist monitors the situation, orchestrating each member of the family support team to time responses in a calm and rational manner. Facts about drugs, their symptoms and the perils of their cravings, are mixed with consoling words of love. The team reminds the relative of family times before sobriety was lost, and talks of a future where alcohol or drugs will have completely stolen any quality of life that still remains, leaving the loved one in a prison of irresistible cravings that must be satisfied.

The mission ahead is a tough one, with the state of Pennsylvania engaged in an ongoing battle against gangs distributing drugs. Economic times are tough and stressed family members turn to alcohol to soothe the feelings of anxiety. An Erie Interventionist is an invaluable resource, one that a worried family has to seriously consider when dealing with an addicted family member. Become conscious of the facts and figures behind addiction in Pennsylvania, disturbing though they may be, a state where Heroin is destroying lives.( Use the worry to gain momentum, the driving desire to recruit an interventionist and aim for a successful, lasting rehab treatment.

Treatment and eventual recovery is the true goal for an intervention but the first and most important goal of an intervention is to get the addicted person to seek treatment. With the help of an Erie Interventionist, the patient understanding and training brought to the situation by this skilled counselor, the addicted family member will see past denial and hopefully reach out for treatment and get on the path of recovery.

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