Allentown Interventionist

Allentown Interventionist

The family of an addicted loved one can be paralyzed by inaction or torn by constant bickering. Some argue as they decide what to do to prevent addiction worsening and ending in incarceration. A few hesitate and imagine hospitalization caused by overdose. What is concern can explode into arguments and finger pointing, playing the blame game when the true purpose should be to accept the addicted relative needs help and move forward. Don’t be driven into submission and impotence by the stigma of addiction. Don’t hesitate and disregard the best ally in a families arsenal, for family bonds can make an addict pause and take stock of their actions. What’s needed to focus the powerful energy of the family is an interventionist, someone who is aware of the raw force of the family and can turn that force into disciplined action.

Use state statistics and facts of addiction to aid in focusing everyone, for instance, the state of Pennsylvania has a serious problem with Heroin, a disturbing and dangerous habit that now outstrips the use of Marijuana ( Such information is distressing but it’s also a resource that can be used by an Allentown Interventionist to boost the momentum of the approaching intervention.

Hosting an Intervention

While many would regard the reading of such statistics as discouraging and possibly depressing, the Allentown Interventionist sees things from a slightly different perspective. This trained counselor will use every scrap of information on an addiction to divert the loved one, to make him or her hesitate and listen to the researched data imparted by the support group. The entire meeting may indeed feel emotionally draining but this could well be the first chance in a long time for family members to break through the abusive behavior caused by substance abuse. Love and concern combined with open knowledge of alcohol and drug symptoms helps the troubled relative to accept their state of addiction and respond to the need for treatment.

Defeating the challenge of denial and effecting change in a loved one caught up in the cravings of addiction is one of the toughest challenges possible. Don’t let discouragement seep in. Instead, guide a relation into a rehab center where sobriety or recovery from drug addiction can begin. Follow up with conditions, terms to ensure the loved one stays for the entire course and completes treatment.

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