Meth Intervention

Meth Intervention in Pennsylvania


For families or individuals seeking help for a methamphetamine addiction, there are services that provide a Meth Intervention in Pennsylvania ready to help today.

The use of methamphetamine (meth) has been steadily on the rise in the United States over the past twenty years. The use of meth began in Hawaii and the western part of the continental United States. As transportation of meth and distribution grew so too did the use of meth across the rest of the country. Some surveys in recent years have estimated that as many as 10 million people in the United States have tried meth at some point. {}

According to a 2005 study, The National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 4.3 percent of the US population, over the age of 12, had tried meth at some point in their life. Add to this statistic, 1.3 million people in the US reported using meth in the past year. {} With rising national numbers and rising numbers among Pennsylvania residents what does this all mean?

What it comes down to are increased numbers of individuals living addicted to meth as well as family member who are affected by their loved ones addiction. A rising number of families are being torn apart by their drug and too many feel like there is no one who can help their addicted loved one get better. Thankfully, this is not the case. Across the United States treatment admissions for meth addiction have been steadily increasing. In 1992, only 21,000 people were admitted for meth use. Compared with a 2004 study that showed 150,000 people had sought treatment and been admitted for their meth addiction. This shows that there is help.

The most difficult step for many people and many concerned families is finding the right help. Addiction to meth is serious and dangerous so for many individuals living with a meth addiction an inpatient stay might be necessary. This will allow them the round the clock care they need in order to start a new life.

So, for the people who want change and want a clean and sober life there is hope. There are options that will help every individual, every family and every addiction. No matter how severe or long the addiction there is help out there for you.  Meet with an interventionist and receive the necessary guidance towards the path of recovery.


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